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Art OF Product Sales Workshop Copy


Rs. 9999.00


4 Days


About the Course

Art of Selling Jewellery

Topic 1 What is selling?

  • Key steps of selling

  • What is pre-approach

  • Ways to Handle objections?

  • Sales funnel

  • Strategic Selling

  • Common problems - uncommon solutions

  • Win - Win customers

  • Managing selling time

  • Analysis to action

  • Closing

  • Follow-up

Topic 2 Why customers are GOD for us?

  • Types of customers

  • Know your customers

  • How to deal with customers, difficult - customers

  • Tips how to treat customers professionally

  • Ways to make customers feel special

  • How to take good care of customers

  • How to keep professionally relationship with customers

  • How to say goodbye to your customers

Topic 3 Product knowledge

  • What is product knowledge

  • Types of product knowledge

  • How to improve product knowledge

  • Product knowledge benefits

  • Why product plays big part in sales

  • Building trust with customers using products

  • Making last impression

  • Micro-learning

  • Implementing product training in day - day life

Topic 4 Calculations

  • What is calculations

  • Basic to advance calculations

Your Instructor

Mr. Paresh Rajpara

Mr. Paresh Rajpara

Mr. Paresh Rajpara


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